Pool & Spa

Wellness oasis at the Steffani


The Steffani Pool & Spa has been transformed to a true oasis of wellbeing. The modern Pool & Spa offers a heated indoor pool, a sauna, a steam room, a relaxation area and a massage room. The Steffani Spa & Wet Zone is open daily from 8am – 8.00pm and invites guests for pure relaxation.

Due to COVID-19 and your safety, the pool and spa is currently limited. For the use of the pool and sauna, please make a reservation, also before arrival, with the concierge. Until 15 December, the steam bath will be closed due to the rules of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Wellness & Beauty


Ricari Studios offers exclusive, non-invasive body and facial treatments that employ advanced technology to enhance circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, tone skin, sculpt silhouette, and relax the nervous system, delivering transformative benefits for wellbeing, beauty, and recovery.

Currently closed
back for you in the 2024/25 winter season.

Martina’s Hair Design

We offer manicures and the right hairstyle and styling in the hotel's own salon of Martina’s Hairdesign, which we will gladly reserve for you at the reception.

Slow Resistance Studio "The Beat"

THE BEAT is the first Boutique Resort Fitness Studio to offer Slow Resistance Training on state of the art XFORMER machines brought to you from Los Angeles, CA.